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Welcome to DKI Consultants, LLC

Our objective at DKI Consultants, LLC. is not only to meet but to exceed your expectations.  Founded in 2007, we take pride in educating ourselves on every detail involved in each and every case.  We leave no stone unturned to ensure the maximum result for each of our clients.  Our specialty is in projecting 10-steps ahead in order to secure the best result for our clients.  This foresight prevents our clients from having to deal with road blocks in the way of their objective since we have extensive experience in anticipating the potential road blocks ahead.  If you are in need of direction, DKI Consultants, LLC. has the expertise to lead you to meet your goals. We specialize in two very distinct areas:  Civil and Domestic Mediation and Business Restructuring .  If you are interested in maximizing your potential, contact DKI Consultants, LLC. to have us lead you there. 

My Commitment to You...
“I formed this company in order to utilize my many years of experience in a way to help individuals and businesses reach and exceed their goals.  I would like for others to benefit from the education I have gained first-hand in business restructuring and divorce mediation.  There is no need for any business or individual to lose time and money by trying to learn the process alone.  I have already endured all of the “learning curves” through my experiences and I am dedicated to having my clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise I have in these areas.”   ~Deborah K. Irwin, Owner

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