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Civil & Domestic Mediation
With OR Without Attorneys 

In Person OR Virtual Online

Deborah Irwin, founder of DKI Consultants Inc., is a certified and licensed mediator with an additional certification for cases involving domestic violence for the State of Georgia.  Mediation has become a sought-after alternative for settling disputes outside of the court system.  In some cases, it can take months or even years to settle a case through the court system – especially in cases of divorce.  Though mediation is an option for those who have filed a case with the courts, private parties can choose this alternative without having a case filed.  Mediation provides the opportunity for almost any dispute between parties to be resolved faster and more economically than going through the court system.  In addition, mediation allows the parties to negotiate their own terms instead of being vulnerable to be bound to the final judgement made by a judge or jury.

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Restoring Balance Through Dispute Resolution

With over 30 years of business experience under her belt, Deborah’s background is in business restructuring as well as drafting and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts.   Deborah also built and sold a very successful business in the Feature Film industry in Los Angeles prior to moving back to her roots in Georgia in 2005.  With this vast array of experience, Deborah has what it takes to mediate almost any dispute that could arise between two or more parties.

Deborah specializes in DIVORCE but also mediates other disputes such as employer/employee, business partnership, neighbors, and a variety of other general civil dispute matters.

An additional level of expertise Deborah has over most other mediators is that she has been a licensed Realtor in the state of Georgia since 2010.  This expertise is invaluable in a variety of cases but especially in divorce when there are homes and properties involved. To check out Deborah’s real estate website, Click Here.

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