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Business Restructuring

The objective of this corporation is to evaluate the productivity of your business and improve your bottom line.  DKI Consultants, LLC. analyzes every detail of your organization and determines where you can cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase your profits.  This full service analysis includes everything from staples through every expense your company incurs.  We also scrutinize all of your insurance and investment policies from health care, workman’s compensation, auto, umbrella policies, and executive bonus or retirement plans.  Though the previously mentioned expenses seem minor, we have proven the ability to save companies surprising amounts of money in these categories.

In addition to expense evaluations, we educate ourselves on the product you sell or the service you provide and literally study your operations on-site to assess the efficiency of each employee.  Remarkably, being under-staffed can be just as inefficient as being over-staffed.  We are there to determine the most cost-efficient balance for you. 


With all of the above-mentioned services, we at DKI Consultants, LLC. believe that the TWO MOST IMPORTANT AREAS of analysis are contract negotiations and billing practices.  We specialize in these two areas and have had enormous success in improving the bottom line with the direction we give.  Every deal begins with contract negotiations and ends with billing.  Profit margins can be drastically affected in these two areas alone.  We are there to ensure that every detail is addressed in the contracts you have with your clients in the best interest of your bottom line.  In this regard, why have a rock-solid contract if things are going to fall through the cracks in the billing process?  We have seen this time and again and we are dedicated to educating your staff on the communication and documentation necessary to make sure this is not an overlooked area of loss for your company.

Our extensive experience in every aspect of business management and re-structuring will be invaluable to your organization.  We look forward to helping you maximize your financial potential!

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